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What activities will my child do and are they safe?

    A list of the activities we offer can be found on the “Activities page” the specific programme of activities for each course is agreed on in advance with the school teachers. During the week activities will be tailored by our qualified instructors to ensure that every child gets the most out of their trip.

    Yes the activities are safe, each activity group (max 12) is supervised by one of our qualified instructors and a member of the visiting school staff. All of our staff are experienced outdoor professionals and hold the relevant governing body awards for the activities. The centre is fully insured for all activities and holds the relevant AALA license (no L7640). AALA is the body who regulate all outdoor centres in the UK, more info at www.aals.org.uk 

Do I need to by them lots of expensive equipment?

No, all the technical equipment including boots and waterproofs are provided by the centre, check out the “Equipment Page.” It is important that your child has plenty of warm clothing, but this doesn’t need to be expensive, a second hand jumper is just as warm as a new one.

Check out the full “Kit list here” and have look at out online shop for some great deals and souvenirs

Will they have enough to eat, they can be a bit fussy?

    All meals at the centre are provided so there is no need to pack their bags full of supplies. We generally find that with all the fresh air and exercise children have pretty good appetites. There is a choice of cereal and toast for breakfast. Children make their own sandwiches from a choice of fillings. Dinner is usually home made soup to start, a main course and a pudding. We aim to provide a healthy balanced diet with food prepared fresh by our kitchen staff. Please inform the school of any special dietary requirements so we can cater for them.

What about during free time, who looks after them then?

The Centre staff usually run an Evening activity on the 1st,3rd and 5th night. On the other evenings and during the night your child's teachers take responsibility for pupils but with one of our staff on call.

Welcome to the Parent information page

    Hopefully this page combined with the rest of our website will answer some questions you may have about the centre your child is going to, what they are likely to get up to and what they will need to bring.

    If you have further questions please contact your child’s school as they will have the most up to date info regarding your child’s trip to Rhos y Gwaliau.

If you have any further questions please contact your school as they will have the most up to date information about your child's trip to Rhos y gwaliau

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Will i need to send my child with some spending money?

We have a small shop on site which sells souvenirs and clothing. It is up to the teachers whether they open shop during the week. Many schools have a pocket money limit so please check the information you have been sent by the school

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