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Am I going to have to fill out lots of forms and risk assessments?

No, bookings are arranged via phone and email, with only one form required prior to coming. Where possible we try to ensure that all your course liaison is done by the instructor who will see you in on the first night. We have full risk assessments for everything that goes on at the centre which can be provided if necessary for your EDVIS co-ordinator (If other schools in your LEA use us then these will already be with the EDVIS).

Please contact us to discuss your course requirements.

What is it going to cost to bring a course to Rhos y Gwaliau?

The cost of the trip is based on the number of beds required, the number of nights required, the type of activities you want to do and the number of our staff that you require to run your course. We do offer discounts during our less busy periods of the year. Please Contact us to discuss your specific course requirements.

Berkshire Schools can apply to the Berkshire Outdoor Education Trust for help with course costs

How many students can I bring and what are the staffing ratios?

Activity groups can be up to 12 children and the centre has beds for about 60 students plus staff. Each activity group will have an instructor from the centre as well as an additional adult for each group that you would need to supply. If you have particularly challenging children or ones with special educational needs you may want to consider bringing extra adults and/or having smaller groups. We will place our trainees with groups that require an extra pair of hands

Welcome to the Teacher information page

Whether you are a teacher looking for some information for an up and coming trip or you are looking to bring your school to the centre for the first time, the aim of this page is to provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

Do I need to be competent at all the activities the children will be doing?

Not at all, our instructors will provide all the instruction needed to both children and staff. Visiting staff are asked to take a pastoral role and help to reinforce instructions given during activity sessions. A basic level of fitness is useful as most of our activities are off site and don’t always lend themselves to watching from the sidelines.

Will I have to arrange transport to and from the Centre?

No, we can make all the travel arrangements for you. Our coach returns one school on the Saturday and then stays over to collect the next school on the Sunday, this means you are not paying for the coach to make empty journeys. If you want to come Monday to Friday, for example, this can have cost implications. You are more than welcome to arrange your own transport if you wish, but we feel that our rates are very competitive.

Contact the centre to discuss your booking:

01678 520395


Booking forms and other downloads are available hereDownloads.html

What type of course can you provide?

    Generally our residential courses are 5 full days of activities. We can tailor make your programme to suit your requirements. As the only school on site you have full freedom to make the course your own. Your programme could include:

  1. A wide range of outdoor activities

  2. Curriculum based, geography, history or biology

  3. Skills assessment for GCSE or A level PE

  4. Teamwork and leadership skills training

Our highly skilled staff team will ensure that your group get the most out of there stay at Rhos y Gwaliau